Just Kissess!?


My now 17 year old self was so in love! Head over heels! Drooling!

And he was such a gentleman…

We spent  HOURS sitting in his car after work just KISSING. Nothing else. Just closed mouth smooches (I had adapted after our first kiss on my front porch). Our boss accused us of  doing certain other “activities” (which I kinda expected) but like a said, he was a gentleman.

Our first date was on my 17th birthday. Eighteen days later he bought me a bracelet and had it engraved with the sentiments, “I love you”.

And we continued to kiss. Only.

But I was used to so much more.

Had been since I was 14.

Finally, one night we went back to his apartment after going out with his friends. But he WAS a gentleman. He knew how he felt so he had asked his room-mate to come home early.  He protected my reputation once again.

I loved the gentleman he was…made me feel cared for, special, lady-like.

But those kisses…they lighted a fire that melted every bit of reserve I had. And they were with a closed mouth! I knew what I wanted but would have never spoke it or even “went for it”.  I was ready for more than just kisses. I loved him and wanted to show him.

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