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With fear and trepidation


As I delved deeper I knew the pain would surface…thank you for bearing with me. This process is tough but I am determined. My better self will win out.


early morning ruminations


Yes, I mean to be up this early. Been up since 0430. Have to leave for work by 0600. The flip side is I don’t leave til between 1915 to 2030 depending on when I finish (I of course shoot for 1915 but that only happens when the stars align correctly).  At least I only do this three days a week.

In the mornings there is much grunting going on…hubby and I do manage civil “hellos” and pecks on the lips/cheeks but when son gets up, it’s only grunts.  Grunts for “good morning”, “good bye” and “have a good day”.  They’re both out the door before me. Of course they’re both home before me.

The rest of my early morning consist of; pet the sable kitty (the only time of day one can be sure of seeing him is early AM) and go “cat fishing” which consist of swinging his kitty reel back and forth over his head as he leaps gracefully into the air attempting to nab it. Once he catches it he drags the whole toy off about five feet, drops it, looks at the one conned into playing with him and meows his challenge. He’s ready to go again.

Then there’s the babies, two rat terriers. I let them out of their crate. They go out. They come in. I give them treats. They go out. They come in. I give them treats. I put them back in crate.

Time to go to work.